Amit Singh

Amit is founder and director of AmiWorks Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the team behind WPoets. He provides the vision to the team. A self confessed ‘dreamer, coder and blogger’… his friends just call him ‘the PHP guy‘. He has released 5 plugins on WordPress plugin repo, He is very active with WordPress community in pune, and regularly speaks at WordCamps in India.

You can reach him on Twitter @thecancerus

Arnav Sonara

Arnav Sonara, a 21 Year old Computer Engineering student in Pune. Open source enthusiast and contributor to various FOSS projects. Involved mainly in volunteering for Wikipedia and sister projects.

Twitter : @arnav__

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Harneet Bhalla

Harneet Bhalla, a 22 year young blogger & internet marketer from a very small town: New Delhi 😉 Struggling in most of the subjects in school & college days, finally with god’s sake he graduated in commerce.

As all normal people do, he joined a MNC to work day in & day out to earn the money sufficient to live life till the 20thof the month 😉  But the heart was still somewhere else looking for dream job/work.

Finally he got into full time in the field of blogging & internet marketing and his soul got that missing peace.

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Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip, Founder of Tej SolPro and DIIM. A person who loves to DREAM, works hard to finish his dreams by oversleeping. 😉

He is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Speaker & Trainer, Digital Marketing Consultant, SEO-Social Media Adviser.

You can reach him via @jaydipparikh

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Ketan Raval

A nurturer of Lets Nurture UK & Lets Nurture India. Last Bencher for almost 3/4 of my education. Failed in 5 subjects during 1st year of Engineering and Ranked 2nd in Last Year of Engineering. Coming from a family who hate business and started by own venture 3 years back and expanded in UK.

Lets Nurture is into Mobile Applications, Website Development, and Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and into doing something right.

Twitter : @ketanraval

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King Sidharth

King Sidharth is a Co-founder at Web Mutiny – an Entrepreneur, Designer, Artist, and a Public Speaker. His friends call him a madly optmisitc retard and a social outcast even among social outcasts. Solving design problems and giving free-gyaan on everything under the sun is what he does.

Twitter : @kingsidharth

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Paresh Mayani

Paresh Mayani, a mobile application developer at Digicoprp Information systems Pvt. Ltd. and head of Google Developers Group, Ahmedabad. In his spare time he writes technical articles on TechnoTalkative.com. Most of the time you find Paresh talks about Android stuffs. He is active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions onStackoverflow to publishing articles with possible sample code. Currently He is the holder of >20000 reputation on StackOverflow.

Twitter : @pareshmayani

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Pratik Nikam

Pratik Nikam is a 22 year old Computer Engineering student and also owner at TechInsect which is a Web Solution firm based in Nashik. He fell in love with computer at a very early stage of life. Writing is his passion and blogging helps him to live it ! He started working with WordPress around 6 months before and found it very Amazing … When you use any WordPress site then you can feel it’s lightness while operating the Site, he says. He believes in Open Source. Reaad more about Pratik Nikam in his Speaker Spotlight.

Twitter : @prats3112

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Puneet Sahalot

Puneet is a freelance developer, engineer, travel freak, loves long drives, bike rides, photography. Student of life. That’s it!

You can reach him on Twitter @puneetsahalot

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Rohit Langde

Rohit Langde is a Founder of a leading Technology Blog from India, Blogsolute. Blogging is his Hobby turned Profession. Writes about Applications and Solutions which YOU should USE to make computing easy, effective and efficient.

You can contact him on twitter @mahol

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Sathish Nagarajan

Sathish runs a web consulting firm SNR Technologies. Primarily use WordPress to build web applications and content rich websites. He’s a web developer and have been working with WordPress for over 5 years. He has been involved in over 400 WordPress projects of different scales from building themes, plugins, websites, and web applications. He likes WordPress for its simplicity and its community involvement. So, would always love to talk about how WordPress can be a solution.

Twitter : @sathishn

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Saumil Joshi

Saumil joshi, persuing my bachlors in Engineering(IT) and the owner of city portal Our Vadodara. He is a web designer and expert in social media marketing.

He is working on WordPress since a couple of years and after that he has not touched any of the other platform to design the websites as he didnt find better option other than wordpress.

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Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh Shukla, a WordPress Developer at rtCamp Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is one of the co-authors of four open source plugins on wordpress.org with total downloads of about 30,000. Apart from the open source plugins, he’s been working on WordPress sites, plugins and themes for the last couple of years.

Having a deep interest in optimisation, testing and UI/UX design. He’s also a FOSS evangelist, looking to popularise free and open source software across the length and breadth of the Indian society.

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Twitter : @saurabhyapapaya

Shashank Chinchli

Shashank Chinchli works with TATA Consultancy Services, Mumbai. He has been working with WordPress and other CMSes like Drupal.

Till date, he hasn’t rolled out any plugins or developed a theme, but likes to fork, leverage and utilise the existing ones as per the need. He spends most of his time, breaking – forking WordPress Plugins and themes and that’s how he’s learnt so much!

He has been always passionate for PL-SQL,Java,JSP,J2EE. But being in the Web-Design Industry, he works with PHP, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5. He often misses DAO, Servlets, when not fiddling with WordPress

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