Speaker Spotlight : Rohit Langde

Rohit Langde is a Founder of a leading Technology Blog from India, Blogsolute. Blogging is his Hobby turned Profession. Writes about Applications and Solutions which YOU should USE to make computing easy, effective and efficient.

Part Time Student – Lecturer – Blogger – Affiliate Marketer and Full time Dreamer.



Rohit Langde


That shy guy sitting behind computer screen all day. Born and brought up in Nagpur. Struggling to get Master’s Degree.

Aims to be make Blogsolute, the #1 Tech Blog of India.

What are your thoughts about WordPress community in India?

Being a Blogger, I have interacted with Bloggers mostly but now it is no more restricted to Blogging. I have seen enterprises preferring WordPress to build their portals. Still, It needs some more push and marketing and awareness and WordCamps like these to let people know about its Power and build a group to be called as “Community”.

Brief about the topic on which you’re going to speak at WordCamp Baroda, 2013

I will be talking about “Basics of WordPress” which includes setting up your WordPress site right from scratch. Starting from buying domain and hosting it and then installing WP on it followed be basic essentials. Also, I will be telling what plugins are and which necessary plugins to installed on fresh site and little bit about Themes.

Why have you decided to be a part of WordCamp Baroda 2013?

In a Blogger’s life, there are very rare chances when we get to reach people in offline world, meet them in person, interact with them, share and discuss. And I didn’t wanted to lose a chance .

I receive many questions from my readers about setting up WP Blog and using this platform, I hope I will be able to reach out a few and help them out.

What are you most looking forward to during WordCamp Baroda 2013?

People. Culture. Bloggers. Enthusiasts.

About Rahul Banker

Rahul Banker is a blogger from Baroda, Gujarat, India who loves technology and gadgets. A great supporter for open source and communities. He's also the head of Google Developers' Group, Baroda and he's been an active member of WordPress community in India. You can know more about him on FacebookTwitter or from his Technology Blog
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