Speaker Spotlight : Ketan Raval

A nurturer of Lets Nurture UK & Lets Nurture India. Last Bencher for almost 3/4 of my education. Failed in 5 subjects during 1st year of Engineering and Ranked 2nd in Last Year of Engineering. Coming from a family who hate business and started by own venture 3 years back and expanded in UK.

Lets Nurture is into Mobile Applications, Website Development, and Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and into doing something right.

Ketan Raval

Ketan Raval

Here’s a brief questionare we had with him :

What are your thoughts about WordPress community in India?

WordPress community is growing in India. It will grow bigger and better when our internet access penetrates larger part of India. This is our right time to build a sustainable eco-system and empower Indian Economy with technologies. I foresee that WordPress will play a big role in Business Websites and Small Business Applications.

Brief about the topic on which you’re going to speak at WordCamp Baroda, 2013

My Topic is Structured Data / Rich Snippets. I have been early shouter of the structured data had given a lot of internal session in my organization regarding need of it. Structured data can improve user experience and better user experience can improve decision making. Structured data can help internet to organize data in a better way and to map real world entity with digital world.

Why have you decided to be a part of WordCamp Baroda 2013?

Because Baroda is near from Ahmedabad (I prefer to lay back and relax usually). I am a secret admirer of Rahul Banker. And I love WordPress.

What are you most looking forward to during WordCamp Baroda 2013?

I am looking forward to see enthusiasm and knowledge sharing about WordPress. Would love to interact with WordPress celebrities of India. Pretty sure I will look forward for good food in Baroda J

Who in WordPress community inspires you the most? Why?

I met Mike Little ( co-founder of wordpress) this year. He inspired me in a many ways and my respect towards WordPress community grown even more.

A one line advice you’d like to give to everyone related to WordPress

Just Keep It Simple Silly.

About Rahul Banker

Rahul Banker is a blogger from Baroda, Gujarat, India who loves technology and gadgets. A great supporter for open source and communities. He's also the head of Google Developers' Group, Baroda and he's been an active member of WordPress community in India. You can know more about him on FacebookTwitter or from his Technology Blog
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  1. Ritesh says:

    Would be my pleasure to listen to your experience via this event.

  2. Woohoooooooo……..!!

    You’re the rockstar!!….And definitely you will be able to explain it in an excellent way..

    All the best.!!