Speaker Spotlight : Harneet Bhalla

Harneet Bhalla, a 22 year young blogger & internet marketer from a very small town: New Delhi 😉 Struggling in most of the subjects in school & college days, finally with god’s sake he graduated in commerce.

As all normal people do, he joined a MNC to work day in & day out to earn the money sufficient to live life till the 20thof the month 😉  But the heart was still somewhere else looking for dream job/work.

Harneet Bhalla

Finally he got into full time in the field of blogging & internet marketing and his soul got that missing peace. Below is the conversation we had with him :

What are your thoughts about WordPress community in India?

WordPress in India is still in a very early stage. Still, a lot many people don’t know about it. We are still missing that feeling of proud while using WordPress. It will take another couple of years before we can use the word COMMUNITY with WordPress in India.

Brief about the topic on which you’re going to speak at WordCamp Baroda, 2013?

I would be speaking on “How Indian Blogosphere Works & What We Need To Change in it?” Being into the blogging world from some time now, I have seen a lot of things missing that we need to implement, to take our blogosphere to the next level.

Why have you decided to be a part of WordCamp Baroda 2013?

I have seen a passion among blogging community for WordCamp’s.  And I believe this is the exact platform that I need to convey my message as the audience out there would be focused. As my topic is mainly concerned about Indian Blogosphere, and I don’t think so that apart from WordCamp there would be any better stage to share the views about Indian Blogosphere.

What are you most looking forward to during WordCamp Baroda 2013?

I am looking forward to meet some of the best brains of the online world. Sharing & gathering information with all of them on the same.

Who in WordPress community inspires you the most? Why?

Harsh Aggarwal, from Shoutmeloud.com, definitely would be the answer to this question. I have talked to him a couple of times, he is an awesome personality, hard worker, smart worker, a good friend, a good mentor and above of all a good human being.

A one line advice you’d like to give to everyone related to WordPress (User/Dev)?

If you use me effectively, I can make you earn 😉

About Rahul Banker

Rahul Banker is a blogger from Baroda, Gujarat, India who loves technology and gadgets. A great supporter for open source and communities. He's also the head of Google Developers' Group, Baroda and he's been an active member of WordPress community in India. You can know more about him on FacebookTwitter or from his Technology Blog
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